Friday, February 28, 2014

February/Disneyland 2014

February WAS pretty eventful, but because I've been so busy I really don't feel like writing a long detailed post about it!  So here it is in a nutshell, and hopefully the pictures will make up for my laziness. work at the InstaCare is wonderful, albeit stressful at times mostly due to my supply ordering responsibilities.  STILL my dream job!

We enjoyed several more of Riley's basketball games, and enjoyed watching him grow and improve. He went from no baskets per game to making a couple baskets per game (even one for the other team once hee hee!) and being excited when his team mates did well, and getting better at passing.  So fun!

I had the opportunity to watch Logan a couple days a week for two weeks while Kelsey went back to work for a short time before she could quite for good.  Got a little taste of what it's like to have twins! TWO carseats......aaaaahhhh!

Gracie finally decided to sit, she turned 7 months, and she now has two very respectable bottom teeth. She and I sometimes like to play a game called "Sharp-teeth-soft-chin".  It's really fun.

I had the grand idea that I needed, and deserved, a bigger tub.  I have not taken a bath in this house since we moved in, due to the small dub size.  Ben takes baths fairly often, and it is a pitiful/hilarious sight.  So, we ripped out the perfectly good tub/shower surround and put in a larger tub and Ben is now in the middle of tiling the shower walls.  It has been a bit of a process, especially since Ben talked me into tile rather than another surround but since we will be in this house a very long time it is well worth it.  Besides, I deserve it :)

Oh yeah, one more thing.  We went to Disneyland!  I will include only a select few pics, for the sake of the length of this post.  And since I said I wasn't going to write a long detailed post, I will just mention a few things.  We had fun.  There was some whining.  It wasn't always the kids who were whining.  Gracie stayed home with Grandma (good call!). There are weird people who gather at Disneyland on specific days of the year and dress "Dapper" and they call it "Dapper Day" and I will be sure to never, ever make the mistake of going to Disneyland on "Dapper Day" again.


Both into the game.

He just mentioned the other day that he
now wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.

What is she smiling at?

If you let your kids write with permanent marker on
the shower walls, it seals the deal.

Teeth pic!

Heading to Disneyland!

Crazy lady on stilts dressed as a flamingo.  She controlled
the flamingo's beak with her hands, and the beak was
attacking Riley.  What a cool job!

Riley can handle snoring better than I.

The toss.

The after toss meltdown.

Riley has a six pack, and he does nothing that I know of
to purposely have this.  Fair?

Disney parades are the best.  Got a great shot of Tiana!

Goodbye Disney!!!!

Hello Gracie!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 part 2

It's not often Malia get's a WHOLE cookie to herself.
I love those chubby little hands.  Recently, she was
sitting next to me on the couch, and put her hand in
mine and said quietly "Mom, look at my tiny hands." Ha!!!

Really, really nice picture of my mom and my girl.
Worth mentioning is that all of the pictures are now
taken with my "smartness" phone.  Some are a little
blurry, but overall I'm impressed compared with our camera.

Thought we'd check out the new rec center in Provo.  Next time
we will probably set aside a while day since you pay one fee
and have access to the whole place.  But we really just went
to swim.  Quick stopover for rock climbing though.

When you are this curvy, it just feels right to
put on a bikini and show off some leg.

The belly!  

Didn't get any pictures of her in the water,
but suffice it to say she felt right at home.

She may look like she's pouting, and in fact she is,
but prior to this she was all smiles and having a blast.
Really fun waterslide, lazy river, kids area.

Riley's not quite ready to get out.  "One more
time around, okay Mom?"

Okay, now we are ready to smile :)

Still not QUITE ready to get out.  It's hard to say goodbye to fun.
You can see by the picture it's a fun place!

This happened to Malia too, but worse.  Never happened to
Riley.  Is it a female bum issue?  She doesn't seem to mind.

Okay, this is just plain hilarious.  A scanner at work, that weighs
maybe 1/2 pound, came with this warning on how to not injure
yourself.  "Avoid extreme wrist angles"  "Avoid bending"
"Avoid reaching".  Wow!  I'm so glad I've been warned!

January 2014 Part 1

Let's see, let's see....what happened in January?  Well, the pictures below will
say a lot but one BIG thing that I have no pictures of is my new job at the 
InstaCare.  It has been both wonderful and challenging.  There have been
some growing pains.  I have learned a lot about being an InstaCare nurse, and
it is going to be great.  The more challenging part has been my other responsibility
of ordering supplies!  Everything from medications to toilet paper. The ordering
system is a bit screwed up at times.  For example I tried to order several boxes
of AAA batteries, and I got a box with ONE AAA battery rolling around in it.
There are many, many, many other similar crazy stories.  But it is all starting to
sort out.  And because of the hours, location, type of work, and people I work is my dream job.  I get to go to bed EVERY night.  It's amazing.  Now
let's get to the good stuff below...............
Ryan and Kelsey had their BABY!  When I got the call, I became
and emotional wreck.  The reason being that this is my first blood
nephew (or niece for that matter).  It just feels special.
And here's the little blonde, Logan. But I think
I will call him Lo-Lo.  On second thought I better
not. Logi? Naw.  I'l think on it.  

I got to go to St. George for the yearly (so far two years) girls
weekend.  Good times, good times.  Here's a few of us, getting
VERY affordable pedicures.  It was an anniversary at the nail
place, so only $12!  Sadly, but memorably (hee hee), Geniel
fell semi-gracefully and completely to the floor as she was stepping down
 after her pedicure was complete.  The sweet little (I mean that only
literally) Asian professionals helped her as best they could
and I did my best to stay serious which is very hard for me
any time anyone falls, even innocent children.

The five of us that could go this time.  We had such fun times!
There are other pictures that are un-postable, but to give a hint
they involve clearance bra/undie sets worn OVER very modest
pajamas.  Okay, that was more than a hint, but at least no picture.

Also this month, Gracie got her first tattoo!

We got a popcorn maker.  It made the kids laugh.  It made Gracie
very serious, and then after this pic she began to cry.

When Logan gets hungry, this Giraffe ear will suffice.
For a long time.  Like an hour.  

I'd say Gracie and Logan are roughly the same size.

Gracie is ready to play.  Logan is undecided for now.

She started to grab her legs!  Which meant it was time to take
her for her six month JCPenny pics, right?  To match the other
two kids poses, right?  Well now, that's a funny story. I'll have
to post a side by side of all three of them doing their
holding-feet-near-mouth-and-smiling-at-camera picture.
Gracie's is just a little different.  Just a little ;)

A moment to capture.  We have many of these moments now,
but someday we will miss this.  This is the time where she
reaches up and feels our face and grabs our noses while
she's drinking her bottle.  I love it!

Oh, and January was the beginning of Riley's first basketball
season ever!  So fun to have games to go to again.  He's loving
it.  The team has a great coach.  I don't think they've won a
game yet, but they are learning the basics and having a good time.

So anyways......

He made his first basket just last Saturday!  He's
also learning dribbling, passing, all the good stuff.
Watching him have a good time and develop good
social skills is one of the most enjoyable parts of being
a parent, I'm discovering.  Love this kid!  

And ANOTHER ear infection!  Here we are at the
doctor again, which is why Gracie has no clothes on.

Matching girl jammies, and photo-bomber!  Our three cuties.

6 months, and cuter than ever, just like her sister.