Friday, February 28, 2014

February/Disneyland 2014

February WAS pretty eventful, but because I've been so busy I really don't feel like writing a long detailed post about it!  So here it is in a nutshell, and hopefully the pictures will make up for my laziness. work at the InstaCare is wonderful, albeit stressful at times mostly due to my supply ordering responsibilities.  STILL my dream job!

We enjoyed several more of Riley's basketball games, and enjoyed watching him grow and improve. He went from no baskets per game to making a couple baskets per game (even one for the other team once hee hee!) and being excited when his team mates did well, and getting better at passing.  So fun!

I had the opportunity to watch Logan a couple days a week for two weeks while Kelsey went back to work for a short time before she could quite for good.  Got a little taste of what it's like to have twins! TWO carseats......aaaaahhhh!

Gracie finally decided to sit, she turned 7 months, and she now has two very respectable bottom teeth. She and I sometimes like to play a game called "Sharp-teeth-soft-chin".  It's really fun.

I had the grand idea that I needed, and deserved, a bigger tub.  I have not taken a bath in this house since we moved in, due to the small dub size.  Ben takes baths fairly often, and it is a pitiful/hilarious sight.  So, we ripped out the perfectly good tub/shower surround and put in a larger tub and Ben is now in the middle of tiling the shower walls.  It has been a bit of a process, especially since Ben talked me into tile rather than another surround but since we will be in this house a very long time it is well worth it.  Besides, I deserve it :)

Oh yeah, one more thing.  We went to Disneyland!  I will include only a select few pics, for the sake of the length of this post.  And since I said I wasn't going to write a long detailed post, I will just mention a few things.  We had fun.  There was some whining.  It wasn't always the kids who were whining.  Gracie stayed home with Grandma (good call!). There are weird people who gather at Disneyland on specific days of the year and dress "Dapper" and they call it "Dapper Day" and I will be sure to never, ever make the mistake of going to Disneyland on "Dapper Day" again.


Both into the game.

He just mentioned the other day that he
now wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.

What is she smiling at?

If you let your kids write with permanent marker on
the shower walls, it seals the deal.

Teeth pic!

Heading to Disneyland!

Crazy lady on stilts dressed as a flamingo.  She controlled
the flamingo's beak with her hands, and the beak was
attacking Riley.  What a cool job!

Riley can handle snoring better than I.

The toss.

The after toss meltdown.

Riley has a six pack, and he does nothing that I know of
to purposely have this.  Fair?

Disney parades are the best.  Got a great shot of Tiana!

Goodbye Disney!!!!

Hello Gracie!!!

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